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by Bert @, Thursday, April 19, 2007, 21:52 (6208 days ago) @ kurt s

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for your continous input, very helpfull to all of us! :wink:

I do have a slightly different mod for it that makes me enjoy it the most.
I have the 4.7 uF capacitor across the midrange but no inductor across the
tweeter (doesn't seem to need it). I also have a parallel RLC circuit that
is placed in series before the whole horn speaker, but the values I chose
are different: R = 4.7 ohms, L = 0.33 mH, and C = 3.3 uF SCR
polypropylene plus 0.22 uF Relcap teflon (3.52 uF total). This lowers the
presence region a bit.

Then it seems that your amp is a bit sensitive to impedance changes too hence the need for the notch...

The only amps needed that notch so far are the T-amps. Not the D amps, not the BD30's (hehe, burning in beautiful!) , not an A-B amp and not the LadyDays either...

I think it's now completed break-in, and I do believe this is about the
best sounding system I have ever heard. Transparency and dynamics are

Thanks, good the hear that you enjoy them as much as I do! :cool:

Tweaking for one amp is pretty hard to figure out, but tweaking for all
kinds of amps has to be truly difficult.

There are different amps (only the sensitive to impedance ones), there is taste and there is even the source....I am pretty confident that 95% of the amps used today will show the same tonal balance now with the last tweaks.

Still, everybody should feel free to experiment with the values (not by too much though!) as these can be used to tweak to personal environment...

Do not use cheap parts as this will show their own character clearly through the Orpheans and then a better tweak migth sound worse in the end...



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