Orphean tweak.. (Orphean)

by PeterSt. ⌂ @, Netherlands, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 22:40 (6209 days ago) @ Cappy


Then, of course, I can't be sure what you hear. The only thing I can tell by experience that with CD playback you will bee hearing all kinds of anomalies from the (high freq) laser, maybe wrong reading and instability (I mean opposite of robustness) of the player.

Generally spoken : I don't think a CD transport can match up with PC playback with the proper prerequisites, But hey, it is known by know that I think so. :cool: But of course this is not because I just provocate PC playback ... I thought it could be better for logical reasons, and it appears to be true.

Much more interesting though (to me) is about the vinyl you are stating ...
If I run analogue reel to reel (up to 38cm/s) they sound the most digital (no matter what sampling rate, up to 192) ... so is that about poor A/D conversion maybe ?
No matter the answer, do note that a D-T (a D even more) acts like a DAC because of the means the signal is processed.

Anyway, we are on a good route to get more and more off topic. :yes:

So ... like Bert said, it is a very good idea to tweak the Orpheans so you at least don't have the fake details as I described. Do note that the difference is around 10dB in the 14-15K regions. This is not good ...
... If things are not okay in whatever part of the system, they get very much pronounced in that area by a T.
Bring that back to normal proportions, and you can judge the amp for its merits better ...



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