Orphean tweak.. (Orphean)

by kurt s @, Thursday, April 19, 2007, 21:35 (6208 days ago) @ Bert

I use a 45-based SET amp. I think it's fantastic with my Orpheans.

I do have a slightly different mod for it that makes me enjoy it the most. I have the 4.7 uF capacitor across the midrange but no inductor across the tweeter (doesn't seem to need it). I also have a parallel RLC circuit that is placed in series before the whole horn speaker, but the values I chose are different: R = 4.7 ohms, L = 0.33 mH, and C = 3.3 uF SCR polypropylene plus 0.22 uF Relcap teflon (3.52 uF total). This lowers the presence region a bit.

For the crossover components I chose the copper foil Duelunds for both mids and tweeters.

I think it's now completed break-in, and I do believe this is about the best sounding system I have ever heard. Transparency and dynamics are incredible.

Tweaking for one amp is pretty hard to figure out, but tweaking for all kinds of amps has to be truly difficult.



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