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by PeterSt. ⌂ @, Netherlands, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 21:43 (6246 days ago) @ Cappy


Regarding the metallic tone, I believe I have now heard a decent enough
sample of these kind of amps, on various systems, to satisfy myself that
the metallic tone is a general class-d/class-t deficiency.

I agree, although I must try to look (ehh, hear) through your ears of playback which shows that by nature. So what do I say ?

First of all that the "metallic" sound you indicate is a matter of harshness induced by improper playback means. Thus, e.g. Bert (and me :wink:) would not agree with that at all. That is, not anymore. However, what *we* perceive by that today, is sibilance or "greyness" or possibily both (I myself am not sure yet whether it is mutually exclusive).

What we also found, is that these amps are highly sensible to what happened before them in the chain, just as that they are sensible to what happens after them. An example of the latter is what this thread is about, but cables do matter very much the same, and as we found the player contributes much as well.

If you'd know how "sensitive" a nos-DAC is to these similar matters, you understand what I mean. And trust me : the phenomenon like "when the music get's full of noises the nos-DAC can't cope" is history also (it's a wrong player incurring for that). I expect kind of similar for the D-T-amp, although *we* -so far- couldn't get a grip on it. Yeah, the lifted higher freq. response ... but there's more to it IMO.

So far, and unscientifically worked out, I say the keyword is Ringing. Mainly post-ringing which a normal amp would mask. Maybe a D-T will not be able to because of it's fastness ... it causes your perceived harshness, or when properly fed to the amp : greyness.
Again, no scientific proof, and don't ask me to further explain ... just a feeling ...



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