Orphean tweak.. (Orphean)

by angeloitacare, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 14:14 (6210 days ago) @ Bert

hi Bert

good to know what actually makes the Tamp sound so different to the tube amp.
as i will make a operation, i had to test my ears. They hear still like a child:grin:
my horns are beeing painted, ( i choose red automotive color, should be gorgeous) when they come back home, i will see if i enjoy to hear the mid-highs with the tube amp , as it does, as u say, sound more "correct".
quit wondering how the redwine performs compared to the sonic impact. The TA10 is a improoved version ot it, so it certainly does not sound too different. Even not broke in, can u tell alerady the differences ? As i have a client for the TA10, i am thinking to switch to the Redwine, but it does only make sense, if the difference is so hudge as the manufacturer claims.

rds angelo


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