Orphean tweak.. (Orphean)

by PeterSt. ⌂ @, Netherlands, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 20:52 (6209 days ago) @ Cappy

Hi Cappy,

Although I did not hear the RedWine myself yet, I think what you state makes perfectly sense. Be careful though with "metallic", because this might well be a masking of something else wrong in the chain.
For that matter, what "we" found so far, is that uneven dynamics are created "just" by a lifted frequency response in the higher regions, which in the beginning sounds appealing because it unveils data which otherwise is not audible. This is fake, and just unbalanced.

The unveiling of the detail -as how we now found it- is about speed of the amp (and resolution of the speaker of course), as a "superceeding" (?) to the normal data; uplifted highs though, just reveil by not being masked by lower frequencies.
The latter is very unbalanced.

I hope I make sense.


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