Orphean tweak.. (Orphean)

by Bert @, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 22:24 (6246 days ago) @ Cappy


Now those other systems I listened to didn't have a notch filter either.
That (and/or oil caps) probably would have helped!

It will probably not remove the "greyness" I have heard through the Sonic T but at least the tonal balance is way better and then you will hear the heart of the amp speaking more clearly...

The PS-Audio did sound great the first days but during time it started to bother, too much of something that should not be there. The Sonic T has way too much of everything...only the NuForce seemed different, almost if you could see through the "grey" but in the end that one didn't make it either.

Reviewers should listen to a certain amps for more than one week at least to learn about their true nature. Just like a beautifull girl blinding you for everything :drool: until you wake up with her in the morning.... :shame:

So far the Redwine is still holding... playing without bothering me too much (tweak included, without it would have been packed yesterday to be send back!). Still sounding pretty nice, well detailed and relative clean. It is my second day with it though, too soon to tell. I will go back to the LD's at the end of this week and then I will hear what I have gained and what I am loosing with the Redwine..

Next one on the list will be the dedicated BD30, already burning in....


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