Trends TA10.1 Tweaks (Orphean)

by Cappy @, Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 22:52 (6209 days ago) @ angeloitacare


I don't have the RedWine, nor have I heard it. I was just conjecturing on what the oil caps would do based on hearing oilers in other contexts.

There are some inexpensive modifications you could make to your amp that would likely improve the naturalness. Who knows, maybe it would even get close to, meet, or even exceed the RedWine.

First, replace the input caps with oils. Here is a thread on AudioCircle where a guy replaced the signal caps with pretty inexpensive (but favorably reviewed) Obbligatos. Look at page three of this discussion:


You could even use the Jensens like the RedWine uses if you want to get more spendy.

Oilers aren't going to fit in the current case, unfortunately. But a wooden, copper lined case would probably sound better anyway. Or just do what the Obbligato cap guy did, hang 'em outside the case.

Second, do something about the power delivery. Probably best would be a battery supply like the RedWine. Trends is coming out with one. I bet it will be inexpensive, like the amp. Otherwise you can rig up your own. If you do your own, be extremely careful how you wire the power plug into the amp - if you get the leads mixed up you will smoke your amp.

If you do use AC from the wall, at least do something to keep the back wave of noise from getting into the rest of the system. I am using an isolation transformer and that definitely helps. In addition to an isolation transformer, you could do a search for "Hammond 193L" on AudioCircle, to find a powerline inductor tweak.


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