Thoughts on Caps (Orphean)

by kurt s @, Friday, February 23, 2007, 21:49 (6066 days ago) @ Cappy

I never heard of Duelands before. I think that they are paper-in-oil, if I read the description right. I have heard Jensen paper-in-oils, and I use one in a 300B amp. I have heard their standard aluminum and their more expensive copper version. Definitely the copper version sounded much better, with a smooth top end, and that's the one I ended up using on that amp.

I guess there is an optimum type of capacitor for the type of driver, the same reason I have oil caps in my 300B SET and have teflon caps in my 45 SET. It might not be better to try a teflon cap in these speakers, for example, because perhaps it's a bit too hot on top with that kind. I am pretty sure Bert knows what sounds best for these drivers, and these are the kind of caps that do it, or else why would you go to such expense to have them? Bert doesn't throw away money like that for no reason.

The copper ones look like the best deal for the money to me, too.



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