Need more dynamic range without distortion (Orphean)

by Bert @, Thursday, February 22, 2007, 22:03 (5759 days ago) @ kurt s

Hi Kurt,

Long time!

What can be done to fix this? Is the Orphean the way to go? I love that
112 dB sensitivity rating. But is there a coloration due to compression
loading in those speakers? I once had Avantgarde DUOs that had a
"plastic" coloration compared to the Oris 150 that I did not like, and
those were also compression drivers. So I worry a little about that.

Its called the Orphean... :wink:

Lets put it this way, the AER drivers are made to play at normal domestic levels and not too crank them up too much. It helps to add a filter to reduce the bass from them which will clear things up a bit. Compression drivers are made to be able to play loud without breaking up that easy at louder levels.

Its somewhat limited with the Orphean due to the low used crossover frequency so do not expect to play them at 120dB or more without distortion...

I need the full information on this before deciding which way I want to
upgrade. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

I do not hear plastic or "horny" sounds coming from the Orphean, it does give some when the horns are not painted properly or not assembled the way they should though (not accurately dampened as result but also due to the modification done to the drivers and partly due to the used filter principle.).

They sound much cleaner than the Oris 150 horns which you do know.

I know the character of the Avantgarde horns (not only those...) but that is mostly because they do not have the horns character and resonances under control.



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