Need more dynamic range without distortion (Orphean)

by kurt s @, Friday, February 23, 2007, 19:31 (6066 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert,

Thanks for the reply. I am now very interested in replacing the Oris 150 with the Orphean. It seems like the perfect solution. I think for expense controls, I will just keep my old bassbins for now (the old Onken enclosures) and make them work to 225 Hz. They sound pretty good with low distortion when I braced them internally with cement board.

I am a bit confused about all the crossover options. I mean, I don't like the sound of silver in general - too bright and brittle most of the time, but I have no idea what that means in capacitors. And wow those are pricey. So are the copper ones pretty good and clear? I have no idea what is really optimum price/performance here. I want clear sound, but not at a very high price to get it.

I guess I'm thinking of a painted and assembled horn unit with built-in crossover and I will take care of the bass later. What's a typical cost for all this sent to California, USA?

I don't need 120 dB output, but I think I want 110 dB peak output though. I hope that it can do a pretty good job on that.

Thanks for the advice.



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