Need more dynamic range without distortion (Orphean)

by kurt s @, Thursday, February 22, 2007, 19:22 (5760 days ago)

Hi Bert and all,

I have a pair of older Oris 150's with the PM4A driver from AER. It sounds great after some tweaking with the overall balance (a little treble softening) and that RLC notch filter added that Bert recommended. My only complaint is that it does not have as much dynamic range without distortion than I would like. It starts to shout at me with a shrill sound on loud violins and flutes and other high pitched instruments.

What can be done to fix this? Is the Orpheus the way to go? I love that 112 dB sensitivity rating. But is there a coloration due to compression loading in those speakers? I once had Avantgarde DUOs that had a "plastic" coloration compared to the Oris 150 that I did not like, and those were also compression drivers. So I worry a little about that.

Or, alternatively, will the new AER drivers for the Oris 150 increase the dynamic range without that shrill sound? I think the shrill sound is coming mostly from the whizzer cone because it's in that frequency range. So why would the new AER drivers be any different in that regard if it hasn't addressed the whizzer cone break-ups?

I need the full information on this before deciding which way I want to upgrade. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.



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