Thoughts on Caps (Orphean)

by Cappy @, Friday, February 23, 2007, 20:32 (6066 days ago) @ kurt s
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I just ordered a pair of Orpheans. I went for the Copper Duelunds.

I asked Bert the same question. His reply was that the Silvers are a bit cleaner sounding. I decided the Coppers were the best "bang for buck".

From my research, it seems that silver foil works well in caps for whatever reasons and is not necessarily brighter. So the silvers are likely better but that price difference is huge.

There are Duelund aluminum caps which are less expensive than the copper versions, so the coppers aren't even at the the bottom of the Duelund line.

Duelund foil/wax/paper caps certainly have a good reputation. I've used copper foil Jupiter caps which are beeswax and they are really excellent so I have high hopes for the Duelunds.


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