Thoughts on Caps (Orphean)

by Cappy @, Friday, February 23, 2007, 22:02 (5758 days ago) @ kurt s
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No, they aren't paper in oil. They are paper and wax. And apparently some silk too. See:

From my (limited) experience the Jupiter wax and papers are, in general, higher resolution and neutral than paper in oil. I am assuming the Duelunds are the same way. That is why Bert recommends paper in oil on the tweeter for some solid state and other systems that have too much roughness and/or treble energy.

I've heard the Jupiters compared to teflon by Jim Dowdy: beautiful sounding, not quite as resolving but not as cool sounding either.

As you discuss, a lot of this is like cooking. What is better for cooking, salt or pepper? Neither, it depends on the other ingredients and personal taste.


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