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by Bert @, Monday, February 26, 2007, 16:15 (5756 days ago) @ kurt s

Hi Kurt,

Most questions were already nicely answered by Cappy so I will only answer the remaining questions (sorry if I do forget some...).

I guess I'm thinking of a painted and assembled horn unit with built-in
crossover and I will take care of the bass later. What's a typical cost
for all this sent to California, USA?

Split in 2 packages (to be able to send it economically) will be around 175 Euro for shipping. The rest depends on the type of paint you want on them and the capacitors used. On the website you can select all available options, then checkout to have the shop calculate the total costs for that.

Here is a direct link to the page (Orphean DIY).

Best is to discuss these things by email though.

I don't need 120 dB output, but I think I want 110 dB peak output though.
I hope that it can do a pretty good job on that.

No problem... :smile:


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