Crossover... (Oris Horns)

by Bert @, Thursday, January 28, 2010, 17:14 (2881 days ago) @ diy martin

I have build a compleet new SE 245 tube amp with big :grin: humb's of iron made by Tribute.

Okay, then I guess this is not the problem. Is the bass actally different (better) than the amp you've had before?

The set sound a bit thin on voices , maybe i miss a bit of mid bass?

Are we talking about mid bass (voices) or bass bass (contrabass)?

I guess becaus of the low input impedance of the Gainclone the filter is not working optimal ,the 100k pot.is part of the filter right:confused:

The low input impedance makes it needed to use lower value resistors and higher values capacitors...but this is limited as the crossover is connected in parrallel to the mid-high range (filtering at high frequencies) and the amplifer itself which migth not like too high capacitance in parallel.

Best solution is to create a buffer but then you just migth make it an fully active crossover (fed by the main amplifier of course).



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