Bass enclosures (Oris Horns)

by Bert @, Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 09:26 (2882 days ago) @ fu_man

Hi fu_man,

What do you mean??? :shame:

Leif's towers are not the same as the new single BD15 bass enclosure which is still in development and don't forget the Diamond for which I finally have all the needed CAD drawings to be able to proceed (i.e. having 2 other prototypes made pretty soon).

Leif will have a pair of Quad BD15 towers, custom designed and build for him. Before that I had finished another custom design (a Double BD15 tower) for Thomas but pictures for those are not available in full glory yet as these are still packed waiting for the owner to enjoy after he is settled in his new home...


All bass systems are in the basis related (i.e. CNC'd matrix internal construction) and so will be the new ones (Compact and Ultra).

I thought we were all anxiously waiting for news to be revealed about the new design? There was a teaser last year.

Still is a teaser I guess and it will come when I have something to show... :yes:

I have stalled my latest BD15 bass cabinet project in case i might be able to afford Berts latest offering.

Sorry but as you can see, many things to do... :heat:


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