Bass enclosures (Oris Horns)

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and don't forget the Diamond

I've followed a lot of peoples attempts with open baffles and even started to play with some B200's myself a while ago*... my interest was first piqued with the beautifully proportioned Quasars.... but of all i have seen so far, none are quite so elegant in design as the Diamonds. hats off to you once again.

(*my OB attempt was fairly lame... I ended up trading the drivers for some beautiful silver IC cables from Antipodes Audio.. a much more satisfactory improvement in SQ!)

Leif will have a pair of Quad BD15 towers, custom designed and build for him. Before that I had finished another custom design (a Double BD15 tower) for Thomas

OK I understand now - I thought the picture you posted of the cellular matrix for the twin driver towers was the DIY release you were working on.

All bass systems are in the basis related (i.e. CNC'd matrix internal construction) and so will be the new ones (Compact and Ultra).

shame to hide it all in a box!

I have stalled my latest BD15 bass cabinet project in case i might be able to afford Berts latest offering.

Sorry but as you can see, many things to do... :heat:

Stalling my latest bass cabinet build is no problem at all... my wife would thank you for it... I have so many other things competing for my time - most precious of all are my 3 young sons. My next build project has to be one I can work on together with at least my eldest son. When he was 3 he helped me cast plaster moulds to join my horns to their stands... I think that was the best part!

take your time and enjoy your work... I'll be keeping a sneaky eye out :wink:

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