get priorities right ... get Orphean ! (Orphean)

by GC, Monday, March 12, 2007, 22:23 (5741 days ago) @ Rudolf150
edited by GC, Monday, March 12, 2007, 22:31

Hi Rudolf

Hi GC, free tires ... that is like Orphean music to my mean Dutchman
ears :thankyou: ... even if he hasn't got a BMW M635csi.

Dutchmen rarely have fast bikes or cars. I saw by own self. You are too polite in the trafic. Come here and learn some bad manners. :cool:
But the offer is open to "just" you. :friends:
They are the real tires you would appreciate. :cool:

As you can see there is enough space for a bass cabinet; however the loft
has a thin wooden floor. I guess spikes would be definitely required?

Spikes are needed under the intire house. I have that, as my building is floading on water.
How many can match that? A real tweak to go for...

Now, your turn...:wink:




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