get priorities right ... get Orphean ! (Orphean)

by Rudolf150 @, Monday, March 12, 2007, 09:59 (6113 days ago) @ Cappy

Hi Cappy,

Thanks for your kind words.

It is hard not to be enthousiastic about the Orpheans. Yesterday I realized (again) how BIG(HUGE) the difference in sound is compared to regular high end speakers.
I just want to fire up the people that are in doubt about buying the Orpheans. The speed, details, power, energy is absolutely overwhelming.

The soundstage - nice comparison with cars - is already good, but the soundstage needs the space to build up in its fullest shape. In my loft it is far from ideal. However, the authority of the Orpeans in all other aspects can not be overlooked/overheard.

Just little things, when listening to a live recording and suddenly somebody in the audience starts the whistle :whistle: . The sound of the whistle is so loud, so aNoying (but without obstructing the music) - as in real life.

For completeness, I own Avalon Monitors (they are for sale) and 'been around the block' with equipment and listened to all sorts of speaker. But the Orphean and Oris are in a different league (I can not judge on Avantgarde or other horn speakers, to be fair, but the biggest advantage of the Orphean is the point source ; from 220 Hz and up from only one coaxial 2" driver).

Glad to hear that enthousiasm came over :clapping:

Finally, if you bear in mind the price of the Orpheans, and compare it with the peformance and joy you get ... it is an absolute BARGAIN !
Moroever, the horns look much better than most of the available conventional speakers.

You are right, the engine that is lacking, is the bass cabinets ... but how many speakers are listenable without a bass ? With Orpheans you CAN (for the time being). I am just imaging the bass connected the Orpheans, ... man, I will never come down from the loft :cool:



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