get priorities right ... get Orphean ! (Orphean)

by Rudolf150 @, Sunday, March 18, 2007, 21:10 (6043 days ago) @ fu_man

Hi fu_man,

Sorry for my late reaction.

Only if you want to :grin: Maybe i'll ask this:

do you honestly think that anyone purchasing new (not upgrading) would
prefer an Oris versus the Orphaen? ( IE a 250 horn with AER's versus the
250 horn with compression driver)

That is a tricky question:

I could live happily with both Oris or Orphean. In my ORIS150 I used a plain Lowther PM2A and was very happy with it, until I changed my amp. This new amp used more silver wire in it, sound the sound balance was too bright. Considering upgrading my drivers, Bert released his Orphean. When you already do a simple calculation on prices, you can see that Orphean is very attractive.

So I bought the Orphean with the Duelund copper for the mids (all through) and sold my Lowthers. I have tried to sell my Oris150, but I still (possibly, depends on an offer) would like to hang to them. Because with a nice AER driver, the ORIS150 will sing.

If you start from scratch to get into Bert's horns; the Orphean is the choice. Unless, if your budget is limited you could go for the ORIS and start upgrading the drivers if you like. Then again it is better to save a little bit more to go for the Orphean directly.
But to put it into perspective, as soon as I had my ORIS fired up 2 years ago my decision was quickly made to sell my Avalons.

A final remark; both horn systems ORIS and Orphean are very direct. The Orphean takes it to the extreme level; razorsharp details and dynamics.
So if you like it 'very spicy' the Orphean is your choice.

A final warning :wink: : once you have listened/owned horns all other conventional will sound dull; there is no way back.



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