get priorities right ... get Orphean ! (Orphean)

by Rudolf150 @, Sunday, March 11, 2007, 18:12 (6114 days ago)

Definitely on topic :grin:

I just need to write this post after the experience of this afternoon.
Although I had used my Orphean just after buying them, I have spent the last months working on a small conventional speaker (Accuton ceramic tweeter and Seas Aluminium woofer) for in the living room. I was pretty happy with the result. At beginning of this week I took the speaker with me to the designer of this speaker (I used a different tweeter though). We listened to the speaker and were pretty happy with the result.
I believe it is correct to say that the Accuton tweeter is regarded as one of the best tweeters around, and together high quality filter components were used in the filter, you get a good high end speaker. Although I knew (remembered) dynamics weren't on the same level as the Orphean, I was tempted to build another small speaker to improve the peformance.

But then, this afternoon ... I connected up the Orpheans again (still without bass).

It is hard not to use words to describe it. The speed, push, size, clarity is at a complete different level than the conventional speaker. I was shocked !!! Man o man, I have one of the best speakers in house and you still forget the amazing quality of the Orpheans.

To be fair, I am still not fully happy with the soundstage. But as I am based in the loft with rather low roof, this is not the optimum place.
But once set up right, there will be nothing out there to beat the sound stage (I have heard this at Bert's place).

So to cut my story short, the upgrade from my conventional speaker to the Orphean (via Oris) is at least an improvement of several orders. :drool:
I might we worried to choose the right amp (so my other topic) and hope to improve a few factors, but I have just realised again that by the far biggest
step to realistic sound has been done by me already and is built and designed by Bert.

So, if there are readers in doubt to go ahead with the Oris or Orphean, ... I don't think I need to add anything here. GO GET THEM !



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