New member, Oris 150 with Aer bd3 and ripoles 4 bd15 (BD-Design)

by RLRB, Saturday, November 02, 2019, 13:12 (558 days ago)

i have a new system with Oris 150 Aer bd3 and ripoles with 4 bd15 and a MArchand tube xover at 200 hz. Congratulations to Bert, the system is sublime.
I use a pset 2a3 for horns and 2 Art Audio Maestro monobloc 2 x 8 el34 each for bass and a Stenvens Billington Autoformer passive preamp, DCS player and Grimm clock
I am in love with the natural sound, dynamics, timbre....I listen jazz,classic andprog rock
I find best sound with rear cover removed, better bass integration due to rear radiation and better scene , deeper and taller. Listening with rear closed is like using headphones.
The monoblocs can be used in triode class A 60 w or UL 100 w, i prefer in UL (thinking only in bass).
A question: i am afraid that at loud volumes the driver Aer can be damaged┬┐?
wich awg do i need to join the + and - poles of ripole?

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