New member, Oris 150 with Aer bd3 and ripoles 4 bd15 (BD-Design)

by RLRB, Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 20:54 (519 days ago) @ RLRB

About using 4 LR or 2 order LR i have noticed a much better sound with second order. i cut horn at 100hz but the low freq at 200 hz, as Bert said is better to use the natural attenuation of the horn.
I must in this case change the polarity of woofers if not there is a cancelation.
As i have measured the ripoles and appear flat at 300 hz in 1 m distance i can cut low freq at 225 or 250 hz.
Can i suppose better sound with first order?
i am in the learning process....

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