Intro + Room EQ (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Thursday, February 27, 2020, 19:23 (1597 days ago) @ Kristo

Interesting, when you said that the 96Hz dip is caused by the 48Hz peak, did you mean due to the frequencies interfering with each other? If so, then why would removing the 48Hz peak with DSP not also improve the 96Hz dip?

If you would cure the 48Hz peak (acoustically) then the dip is gone as well...

If you DSP the peak out of the equation then the problem (standing wave) is still there but you give it less energy to work with. Same for the 96Hz... measure in the exact middle of the room and you'll see a peak at 96Hz and a dip at 48Hz.

You can also play a 48Hz or 96Hz sinus tone and walk around in the room. Do you really think that "curing" the problems at the listening spot cures the problem? What if are are lstening at the diner table with the same "cure?

Also, regarding the waterfall diagrams, what do you suggest to clean up the decay? It seems pretty bad, do you agree?

This does not have to be a major problem at first, a big carpet on the floor will help and curtains, plants.. but also moving the speaker a bit more out of the corner and a bit up (raised from the floor).


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