Intro + Room EQ (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Monday, March 02, 2020, 15:07 (1183 days ago) @ Kristo

Hi Kristo,

It seems this is the first problem I should solve in my listening room then. I can move my speakers a bit away from the wall so they are not right in the high pressure area of the wave, and then I suppose my best bet will be applying some bass traps in the corners...

Moving the speakers out of the corners will help in many ways...

Alternatively I could build a second set of woofers to place behind me along the opposite wall. Would that solve the problem also?

That will cure the first harmonic but introduce other problems at the same time..

A better trick to apply would be this:

Or built an open panel woofer system which will reduces such room problems too...


BTW, I still have those REL's in case you're interested...

Or suitable woofers which you can enclose in a DIY box and use one channel of your ICE125 to power and EQ those "EQ" boxes to tame the standing wave.

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