recommanded amp for bass speakers (Tweaks)

by Bert @, Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 13:34 (647 days ago) @ Jeroen

Still don't no why it sounded so poor when I connected the woofers for using the 2 channels of the Hypex. The freq. response looked better then in bidged mode...

The Hypex has two amps... normally used for 2x 3 woofers in parallel.

Bridging the thing will put all 6 woofers in parallel which is 1,5 ohms (half of only three woofers in parallel)... not an easy load for an amplifier!

Glad that things worked out though... ;-)

But still, send me a frequency plot of the system measured at 1m distance (edge of the horn mouth) at 1m height. Scale it from 20 to 1.000Hz with minimal smoothing (1/6th). The vertical scale showing 10dB steps...



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