Hi Jeroenrecommanded amp for bass speakers (Tweaks)

by Jeroen, Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:31 (653 days ago) @ Bert

What else did you change in the system?

Not to much.

I meant the rest of the system in amplifiers, CD-Player, Streaming?

Since you tuned the filter 4 years ago I've got a new 300b amp for the Orpeans, new Phonstage and turntable

I rembered a friend a mine measured our living room years ago. See graph below. There is a huge gap in reverbaration time around 125 HZ. Could that be the reason I experience not enough bass power?

I do not think that it will influence that much. A drop in output at the listening position itself could give the feeling that the bass is lacking in dynamics.

But you were happy before? So again, what changed?

I was happy for a long time, mostly because the speakers didn't had the resonance problem I had with my previous speakers.
Still I wasn't totally happy after a while. In stead of connecting the input of the Hypex to the output of the tube amp, I bought a crappy solid state amp which I put between the pre amp and Hypex. This givings a more satisfying bass sound. In order to get a nice bass sound I have to increase the volume of the Hypex more than the tube amp. So when measuring with the microphone the low freqenties are higher than the output of the Orphean. Is this a bad thing?

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