Hi Jeroenrecommanded amp for bass speakers (Tweaks)

by Jeroen, Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 16:29 (654 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert,

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Jeroen,

You're using the same woofers as in the Sigma and I have plenty of power in the bass...?

Lucky you!

Perhaps the crossover (DSP-settings) are improved over time?

How do you mean? Did you improve your own dsp settings?

Are you sure all woofers are playing? All settings are correct? No inverts somewhere?

All woofers are playing. I checked the phase by measuring with a microphone. When the woofers were playing out of phase a dip was visible around the crossover point with the Orpeans. In order to play in phase with the Orpheans I had to connect the plus input of the Hypex to the min output of the tube amp for the Orpeans.

What else did you change in the system?

Not to much. I used to bridge both channels of the Hypex. Now I use one channel for 3 woofers in parallel. The other channel for the other woofers. Didn't notice much of a difference. I had to rebuild the woofer cabinets a bit because I had to change the veneer (came loose). Then I decided to open de mouth of the cabinets a couple of cm's for aestheticial reasons.

I rembered a friend a mine measured our living room years ago. See graph below. There is a huge gap in reverbaration time around 125 HZ. Could that be the reason I experience not enough bass power?
Could this been improved by using dsp room adjustment? (my friend prescribed acoustic panels etc. but due to ultralow WAF factor i am not allowed building those


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