Questions on Quasar like build (BD-Design)

by BS, Australia, Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 00:23 (546 days ago)

Hi Bert, I'm FINALLY starting a build after buying drivers quite some time ago! :smile:

I have a few quick questions.

In regards to dimensions, are the BD15 driver mounting holes on an exactly 380mm diameter circle?

I'm planning to build something very similar to the Quasar MKII, with a few construction differences. One difference is the base, and I might need adjustable feet (like spikes) so I can accommodate some variations in the slope of my old wooden floor. If the baffle is not exactly airtight to the floor (i.e. spaced 30mm off floor) do you envisage any complications such as much of a loss of the floor being an extension of the baffle? Could chuffing occur(I assume not!)

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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