High Pass Filtering for Full Range Driver? (BD-Design)

by BS, Australia, Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 07:46 (455 days ago) @ BS

Hi Bert!
The CNC machining I'm getting done is taking MUCH longer than expected - so I best use the opportunity to get other things ready.

I plan to bi-amp, with the BD15's low passed and driven by a Sonance DSP-750 (with cross over , EQ, DSP etc, 500W per channel into 8 ohms) and the full range AER MD3B driven by my valve amp - an EAR Yoshino 859.

The Sonance input will be fed from the EAR859, which requires me to modify it to take the output after the volume control, hence I have the opportunity to consider other changes. One I plan is to upgrade the input coupling caps, and hence I am wondering if there is advantage to drop off the very lowest frequencies by changing the input RC constant.

I've not bi-amped before however reading suggests that there are some potential advantages removing the very low frequencies from the high pass amp including conserving headroom and dynamic range, reducing potential PS modulation by the bass, reducing intermodulation distortion potential etc.

I am curious if youve tried High pass filtering the full range drivers and if you can see any downside? I assume there may some some phase considerations, but I'm talking about 30hz -3dB point or similar, and I assume the phase would be more dominated by the room and placement, and the amps natural BW would also have limits.

I am curious on your thoughts.

Many thanks!

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