AER MD Cutout (BD-Design)

by BS, Australia, Sunday, September 11, 2016, 13:07 (527 days ago) @ Bert
edited by BS, Sunday, September 11, 2016, 14:29

Many thanks Bert, Gasper - yes exactly - I'm having panel CNC machined for me as don't have the required tools.

Bert - do you have similar EXACT dimensions and technical drawing for the AER MD drivers?

I'm not using wood for panel so cant hand recess it, and assume Id need validated(tested by me with my drivers) dimensions to provide for machining.

I downloaded the template PDF from AER website, but it doesn't have frame dimensions. It is also slightly inaccurate for my needs - accurate enough to provide to the CNC engineering company - e.g. the holes don't line up and if I do to best effort the outline certainly doesn't with the frame, nor would it provide the required 1-2mm around it to recess it.

I have also tried to recreate a drawing on my computer, but thinking I had it correct and printed it - I've just noted the frame appears not fully symmetrical.
(i.e., now I realise the holes aren't likely 90 degrees apart even if on the same circumference.)

Kind regards

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