First impressions (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Wednesday, March 02, 2016, 19:51 (719 days ago) @ Nico

Hi Nico,

Thanks for the detailed impression reports... :good:

Beeing used to the big old Exponential Altec Lansing horns with Klipsch drivers, the midrange of the Oris is defenately more refined and revealing more detail.
Th Altec's on the other hand are clearly much more dynamic [ Bert; can this be because the Oris are still unpainted?].

The paint will make the sound more clear and cleaner (removed "plastic" tone) but not more dynamic. This is more related to the tonal balance and (in)proper integration of the crossover...

In the mean time I added the tweeters and let the Oris play bandpass, setting the x-over at 5K and 18Db/oct.

5K is pretty low but this could be needed due to the used driver. Do you use a high-pass crossover for the Oris horns? Perhaps some correction in the lower mids is needed which can be done within the crossover taking out the low frequencies of the horn. This will might make the tonal balance less laid-back and more dynamical as well.

To be continued.



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