First impressions (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Wednesday, March 02, 2016, 18:05 (720 days ago) @ Nico

After spending some more time listening to the Oris, it is clear that they offer a whole different experience than my previous setup regarding mid/ high reproduction.

Beeing used to the big old Exponential Altec Lansing horns with Klipsch drivers, the midrange of the Oris is defenately more refined and revealing more detail.
Th Altec's on the other hand are clearly much more dynamic [ Bert; can this be because the Oris are still unpainted?].

The old setup was more lively, exciting so to speak, but listening fatigue set in after a few hours.
The Oris are more laid-back and can play all-day without that effect.
I think this simply means that the Oris are cleaner sounding; the human ear is very sensitive to colouration and such as you know..

So at this moment it's a trade-off; cleaner, relaxter music all day long or the excitement of startling dynamics.

In the mean time I added the tweeters and let the Oris play bandpass, setting the x-over at 5K and 18Db/oct.
This makes for a good solution between the two listening experiences described above; dynamics are almost as good as with the Altecs and I enjoy the detailing of the Oris.

To be continued.

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