First impressions (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Sunday, February 28, 2016, 12:03 (721 days ago)
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Two weeks ago I visited a very nice gentleman here in The Netherlands who owns a pair of Oris 150.
He had a pair of Lowther PM4A units for sale and that's how we met; I thought about buying them for my Oris 150 to get a few "upgrade steps" ahead on things.

As I never heard the horns before I bought them I did not know what to expect.
Soon after listening to the horns ,present at the seller's house [ he upgraded to the AER MD3] it was obvious that it sounded way different than I thought.

While beeing more detailed, natural ] and open, it sounded.... not like a horn.
Beeing used to my big old Altec horns and a pair of decent horntweeters, this two-way system played more natural to my ears but without the staggering dynamics of my own setup. That my also be described as "harsh" by other people.

But as good as the system sounded, I did not like the small sweet spot, as when I moved my head only a little bit everything shifted.
"It is only a one-man's experience" I thought and as so discussed it with the owner.

The difference was too big to buy the Lowther units right away; the seller agreed [ and advised] to first try a cheaper unit to find out if the Oris was "my cup of tea".

So I decided to try out the Tangband W8-1772 for starters.
Just mounted them and playing for the first time; I'll post my findings in my next post as I don't have enough time on them yet.


p.s; THANK YOU for your comments on the chamber question I posted. Will experiment with those.[image]

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