amplification + integration with bass (Orphean)

by Rudolf150 @, Friday, March 09, 2007, 23:55 (5630 days ago) @ Cappy

Hi Cappy,

Well spotted !

I may have read Rudolf's message wrong, but it seemed to me he wants to use
the same amp for horn and bass duties, without a separate
bass amp.

This is exactly what I mean. Sorry for my unclear message :blush:

If I did not misunderstand, this is different than what Bert is talking
about with the line level filter. The Orphean is set up to use separate
amplification for the bass.

If I did misunderstand, than please ignore this message :grin:

No ignoring required; good reading, Cappy.

So, Cappy, you mean the Orphean is optimised for using a separate bass amplification?
Havey you tried the way with only 1 amp for bass and Orpheans?



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