amplification + integration with bass (Orphean)

by Bert @, Friday, March 09, 2007, 23:09 (5630 days ago) @ Rudolf150

Hi Rudolf,

Now I have the possiblity to step up to either a full range 2 x 30 Watt
amp or to a 2 x 8 Watt Bandpass (even better sounding) amp (from 150 Hz
and up).

With the 30W you can use a passive line filter for best integration, with the bandwidth limited 8W this is not possible. Then you will need an active crossover or at least a pre-amplifier (active probably) that is able to drive two amps at the same time.

From my feeling, coherence between bass and the Orphean should be optimal
in this situation.

So, then the passive line filter is the best option (to my personal opinion)...



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