Beyma 15" LX60 in combination with orpheans ? (Orphean)

by GC, Monday, February 26, 2007, 18:07 (5650 days ago) @ angeloitacare
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Hi all

i got a deal at ebay for a pair of Beyma 15"LX60 (us$75,00 each), and
decide to try them out in combination with the Orphean's. I did not find
any recommendations in the net for cabinet size , vented or sealed etc.
Any recomendations ?

rds Angelo

Hi Angelo

I thought you made your cab's for the BD15's?

The ones you just bought are very different ones and you will propably have to calculate a new cabinet and afterwords tuning everything to it's optimum. :wink:
Some experimental cab's to be made, for sure...:pleasantry:

And then Angelo: You have to decide wether to make a closed cabinet or any kind of open ones. What do you like the most? They sound very different.
The driver will work with both principles if some precautions are taken, however I have no idea what so ever how those drivers are sounding.

Well you see there are namly two things + you should decide about before you get going:

1) Closed, eventially aperiodic vented. You will need an electonical equalisation before main amp of the driver as the Qt is a little low for closed cab's. The cab has in this case to be pretty big.
If you don't wan't to equalize, the resulting Q should be between 0,6 and 0,7 to feel the bass. It requires a relative small cab and then the cut off will be pretty high. I.E. f3 60 Hz (just a wild guess). So maybe better to forget that...eih?

2) Vented or BR, the driver suits a little better with it's TS parameters.
Her you could experiment your self to death if you don't have any advisers.
But I don't think you would need an equalisation before the amp in this case.
This due to the relatively high moving mass.
Bert's BD 15's benefits from an EQ as his moving mass is relatively low leading to the need of a relative big cab. This driver is much faster than yours and all in all a far better driver in all respect. Underhung VC, Neodymium mag etc etc. I say that, even I should not. Who can say how it sound without having heard it? But in this case I can, just from the construction of your drivers, say that.
Now you can consider your roll off frequncy. This has to be fixed. You have to determine the many ways of making vented cabs. Should it be BR or slotted back or ....? The Q of the cab and the ports has to be set low or high as per preferences. And finally also the placement of the ports. That makes quite some difference.
All this just for one given volume of the cab. If you change volume it's all over from the beginning again.
Then internal bracings has to be considered as well. Will you have an open hollow cavity or will you use a cellular system? Then you have to calculate the damping material used and it's qualities.

So the bottom line is, hard work my friend....:heat:



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