Beyma 15" LX60 in combination with orpheans ? (Orphean)

by angeloitacare, Monday, February 26, 2007, 17:11 (5650 days ago)

Hi all

i got a deal at ebay for a pair of Beyma 15"LX60 (us$75,00 each), and decide to try them out in combination with the Orphean's. I did not find any recommendations in the net for cabinet size , vented or sealed etc.
Any recomendations ?

rds Angelo

here the spec's:

Resonant Frequency, fs 35 Hz

D.C. Voice Coil Resistance, Re 5.5 ohms.

Mechanical Quality Factor, Qms 8.7

Electrical Quality Factor, Qes 0.36

Total Quality Factor, Qts 0.35

Equivalent Air Volume to Cms, Vas 215 l

Mechanical Compliance, Cms 175 µm/N

Mechanical Resistance, Rms 2.9 kg/s

Efficiency, ço (%) 2.3

Effective Surface Area, Sd (m2) 0.091 m2

Maximum Displacement, Xmax 9 mm.

Displacement Volume, Vd 820 cm.3

Voice Coil Inductance, Le @ 1kHz 1.2 mH


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