Beyma 15" LX60 in combination with orpheans ? (Orphean)

by GC, Monday, February 26, 2007, 20:13 (5641 days ago) @ angeloitacare
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Hi Angelo

i heard Avantgarde Duos at CES, they use the same driver, but 2x 12"
version. I loved its sound: fullbodied, and going deep. Not so fast, it's
true, may i wont be able to match it with the orpheans because of that.
Anyway, i want to try it out. They use it in sealed cabinet. I don't know
at what point their electronic influences the result.

Well at least speed have a priority with the Orpheans. If the driver is slower, it has to start earlier in the time domain. Bigger displacement between the O's and the bass.

Another "Well", if the Avantgarde uses 12" drivers and you felt them to be slow. How is it then going to work out with a 15" with 120 grams of moving mass and a rather poor magnet gap? Ferrit magnets are big and impressive to look at, but you caNot make a fieldstrength in the gap of more than 1,6 T regardless how clean iron they use for the ancor and pole pieces.
That's similar to eqiup a 3,5 tons Rolls Royce with a 988 cc Fiat engine.

It's a good suggestion: i can make a very cheap cabinet and experiment
around, before making a nice one.

You will have to make many cab's I think, but that's where all the fun is :wink:

As to my comments in the previous thread about your new cab, and that look good to me, I strongly recomend you to spend a little money on consultancy. What is the point throwing in a couple of cheap e-bay drivers and "Plug & Pray"
The Orpheans deserves the very best. And the BD 15's are the best in this case. :grin:



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