Could I have 'Blown' both of my Hypex Amps ? Or ???? (BD-Design)

by Erwin @, Netherlands, Friday, March 22, 2024, 22:00 (85 days ago) @ Kevin

Hi Kevin,

same here.
I modified the PSC2.400, effectively bypassing the entire DSP board. So now it is just a power supply with 2 amplifier modules. For DSP I now use a MiniDSP2x4 HD.
This is already quite some work to do, desoldering various components and laying wires. But i have it written up somewhere with some pictures so can share if interested.

But even then, besides the DSP module, also 3 capacitors on the power supply tend to cause problems, they can prevent the amp from starting up. (i replaced them preventivally) and there is one SMD resistor on the amplifier modules which can give problems too, when it 'burns' the amplifier module won't start up. In my case there was some small puffs and cracks in the sound coming from the amplifier module from which the resistor was dying, before it died completely. Replacing the resistor fixed it.

You have to be really handy with a soldering iron to even want to try all this, the amp modules have quite sensitive PCB's, its easy to rip the tracks. And then still, who knows how long before something else goes...

All in all, i cannot really recommend this, only if you hate to scrap an otherwise fine amp, like me :grin:

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