Could I have 'Blown' both of my Hypex Amps ? Or ???? (BD-Design)

by Kevin @, Minneapolis, Monday, March 18, 2024, 21:34 (89 days ago)
edited by Kevin, Monday, March 18, 2024, 23:07

I have been running my Hypex Bass Amps with my Orphean Horns for about 10 years now, without any problems. But I keep getting asked if I have 'Measured' them and for the Freq resp charts. And was encouraged to do this.

So about 3 months ago before I left for the winter, I decided to set up the measuring stuff, Microphone, USB Audio Interface and with REW software fooled around with various settings on my Hypex amps and did various Freq 'Sweeps' with REW for about a week.

During my Measuring and changing settings. One of my Hypex Amps started emitting a some Bass Tones that were 'oscillating' to the point I had to shut the amp off. I then started over and decided to load all 4 presets with different settings. However the amp was not taking the changes, even though the download to the preset seemed to work. At this point, I decided to re-load the firmware and it indicated that it was successful, but it still would not accept preset changes.

So, I left for the winter and have recently returned. I just tried the Preset software on one of the amps and while it shows it is downloading the preset, I get no bass out of the Amps. So, both amps are not producing any bass currently. I contacted Hypex and they were not helpful at all. In fact they were not even interested in fixing them.

So, I am hoping that someone here, could give me some ideas on what might have happened to the amps and how to proceed to fix them ideally, but any info will be appreciated.

As a side note: -- While I was away for the winter, I saw a pair of Hypex amps similar to what I have that were new in Box (PSC2.400d) - So I spent about $1,000 on them and I won't hook them up, until I can get a little more understanding of what happened to my existing amps.

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