Problem with AER-MD3 (BD-Design)

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Sunday, November 15, 2015, 23:59 (827 days ago) @ alwsjr
edited by Don Reid, Monday, November 16, 2015, 00:04

Thanks for the information, alwsjr. Whenever the foam plays out I will probably spring for the signatures myself. Anything worth doing is worth over doing is what I say.

I should have written this post before now because I need to update matters on the AER MD-3. When I really closely examined the driver with the problem I found that the brass phase plug had unscrewed from it's complete attachment position to the point that I had bent it over, probably while dusting the horns for ten years. and it interrupted the free movement of the voice coil. After I straightened the threaded brass rod which attaches the phase plug I screwed the plug correctly in. When I listened the subject MD-3 in an Oris 150 horn it sang as sweetly and musically as always.

As I mentioned earlier I have a substantial vision impairment. I only see from one eye and it has had two surgeries this year.

The reason I should have written this sooner is to remove the insult I paid to the MD-3. They really are great drivers.

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