Problem with AER-MD3 (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Monday, November 02, 2015, 20:17 (840 days ago) @ Don Reid

Hi Don,

I am guessing from you last answer that AER does sell complete replacement diaphragms. Is that correct?

I just found out that this is not the case...

1 - They upgrade (upgrading all moving parts to the Signature standard)
2 - They re-cone (including re-foam)
3 - They re-foam (when everything else is still in optimal condition)

I have tried to correspond with AER in the past and was unsuccessful because of language difficulties. I only use English and some Spanish.

This is weird! I have always communicated with AER in ENGLISH! To whom did you talk in those days making you think that they can only communicate in German? Do you recall a name?

Contact email address for AER: aer@aer-loudspeakers.com and their website: http://aer-loudspeakers.com but as distributor for AER you can contact me for all related questions.

For prices and options (needs an update) you can visit my own webpage and search for AER at:



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