Orphean rediscovered. (BD-Design)

by samoore @, Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 07:17 (879 days ago)
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I have owned BD-Design horns for over ten years now, starting with the Oris200 with AER MD2 and for a few years a pair of Orphean horns MKII. I have gone through many bass solutions over the years, including the BD15 compact bass system. After trying many different tube amps (Pentodes and Triodes) with the Orphean horns I just couldnt get the sound out of them that i thought they should produce. I was disappointed and went looking for another speaker solution, finally settling on a pair of Gradient Revolutions. Needless to say a completely different speaker solution from the Orpheans horns. I was tri-amping them with Nelson Pass First Watt amplifiers and also built two further bass towers giving me a total of six 12" open baffle woofers. I enjoyed them for nearly a year, but the Orphean horns were still calling me from the garage, asking for one more chance. I connected the Orpheans to my First Watt F3 (10W SS, class A) using a Marchand active crossover at 250Hz 24dB/octave to pass low frequencies to the open baffle bass towers. To put it simply, I am stunned at the sound and have fallen in love with the Orpheans all over again. Using the FW F3 amplifier I have finally heard what the Orpheans are capable of, and I am thrilled. It has been a long journey, but I am home at last.


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