Orphean rediscovered. (BD-Design)

by avaarni @, Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 10:52 (907 days ago) @ samoore

Nice to hear that! :)

I do not want steal the thread, but I want share my experience with Orphean.

To my personal opinion Orpheans need some effort to get them work. Remember guys this is only my view on this.

At this point I can safely say that Orpheans with Ref2010 bass enclosures (Built by my self) is the best system I've owned do far. I've had Cain%Cain Abbys, Oris200, Avantgrade Duo and now Orpheans. The dynamics, big live like feel, speed are virtues I appreciate. Now for the first time a am excited to listen classical music. This never happened before with my previous systems.

Today I play music mainly via laptop, using foobar2000. I have Triode TRV-M88SE Monoblocks without preamp.

I said Orpheans demanded some effort and I'm gonna tell what it meant in my case. Firstly I needed to get rid of the hard HF. I needed resistor in series with the tweeter - in fact i have few of them in a closed box. I can now step by step to reduce the energy if needed just by turning the switch.

Now second problem was the bass. I got it better just by getting rid of my 300B Mastersound amp and have kt88 amp instead - too much round bass in that 300b Italy made amp.

I never got the bass integration with Orphean to work with Bert settings in the hypex amps. He tried to help me the best he could. Still the sound was like listening to two different systems - a lot of lower and mid bass and thin middle frequencies (or upper bass). :unhappy:

Then I did something that Bert told me not to do! I trusted my ears. In my case the sound just got so much better when crossed the bass in 350 hz - 400 hz - I have now four different settings to play with. The sound is fuller and more live like. :yes:

I do not know is it my room, listening distance (about 2, 7 m) or what that makes the íntegration bad with the original settings. If some has an idea why Bert's original crossover settings in hypex did not work with me I would gladly hear it.

Anyway I wanted to share my experience. If you have orpheans, do not give up with them. They can give you a hell of a ride :) :grin:

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