amps for the horns (BD-Design)

by diz1, Sunday, June 14, 2015, 23:59 (951 days ago) @ robert

Audio Collections Lab is "high end" tube amplifier manufacturer in Japan, all parts in their amplifier was special order made one by one, from the wiring inside amp to speaker terminal and RCA plug, they are not commercial grade one. This is special order made one. The previous owner of this amplifier is big fan of Siemens tube, he ordered 2 amplifier using Ed tube and this one, using Da tube as power tube After the two amplifier was done, he found that the sound of Ed tube and Ad tube is similar but Ed tube amplifier has higher power output, 8W to compare with 4W of Ad amplifier, so he decide to sell this amplifier (to me). All tube of amplifier is Siemens ones, Reflect tube is Z2b, drive tube is C3g which is driven by interstage transformer, power tube is Da, All of them are long life tubes (Approximate 15000~20000 hour) . The chassis was made from Japan tradition karin wood. Wire inside is silver with teflon Sound is very beautiful, detail and vivid in high range , sweet and wide sound stage, if you are a fan of 50' tube, 45' tube, this is high recommended one,
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