amps for the horns (BD-Design)

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Sunday, May 31, 2015, 00:14 (994 days ago) @ DeMarko
edited by Don Reid, Sunday, May 31, 2015, 00:18

For a decade or so I used single ended triode amps, Cary Audio 2a3, mono blocks on the Oris 150/AER MD3 and Fostex t900a bullet tweeters of my three way all horn loaded systems. Then I listened to one of Mr. Nelson Pass' First Watt F3 Jfet artisan stereo power amps. The F3s output 10 watts into a 16 ohm load and 15 watts into a 8 ohm load. As I understand it the single gain stage F3 is a single ended class A circuit. At any rate I loved the warm, rich, realistically textured, natural and immediate sound of these solid state amplifiers. I sold the 2a3 mono blocks. I now use a pair of First Watt F3 stereo solid state amps on the Oris 150 and Fostex bullet tweeters. My stereo system sounds better than it ever has before.

If anyone wishes to know more about these amplifiers check out:

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