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Well, I want to make sure what I want and need before I start ordering the Gear.

1.) I had no problem hooking up the Marchand XM66. Two ouputs (left and right channel) coming out of the Pre-amp as input to the crossover. And 4 Leads coming out of the crossover. (2 outputs for Low Freqs and 2 outputs for Mids/High Freqs.) This is Bi-Amping.

Yes, but feeding an amplifier the full frequency spectrum and splitting the signal after this amplifier is another way to create an active system without the need for a pre-amplifier. Usage this way gives the main amplifier a dual use; feeding the bass amplifier and feeding the main speaker (Orphean or your present horns and tweeters).

Crossovers are not yet implemented but these should be connected in front of the bass system (Hypex for example) and in front of the mid-high section (the crossover for the Orphean as example).

The above suggestions gives the best tonal integration (used with a clean sounding solid state amplifier like the Hypex).

Never use a second tube amp this way because the bass section will adapt the qualities (or things you do not like) and passes these through.

Of course you can also use a pre-amplifier in case your main amplifier makes too much noise (hummmmm) or has an uncontrolled and undefined bass.

2.) You think my Marchand is "Useless" for the Orphean, and since I cannot get delivery of the Orphean III version yet, I was exploring using the Hypex for bi-amping my Current system, until the Orphean III is ready for delivery. Ordering it now works for you, but does not work for the customer. It would also give me chance to familiarize myself with the software settings currently.

You can use the Marchand to take out all high frequencies for the bass system and to take out all low frequencies from your current mid-high system as you do now. For the Orphean it is not needed (not advised either!) to take out the low frequencies so only half of the Marchand can be used effectively.

Therefore it is not useless but a better plan would be to go for the Hypex giving more freedom in settings and options. You can already start with the Hypex now and leave the crossover section for the mid-high frequencies intact.

You should by-pass the crossover section inside the bass bin though but I am sure that it is clear that the Hypex is taking over that section.

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