Back chamber effect (Oris Horns)

by Rudy81 @, Dallas, TX, Friday, February 22, 2013, 14:42 (1760 days ago) @ Gasper


The measurement was taken indoors. I had wanted to test only the Oris outside to reduce room reflections, but that was not possible. The plot I posted was taken with a Tascam calibrated audio card, a Behringer calibrated mic, the Tang Band 1800 driver AND an Ashly crossover. The crossover was set at 153Hz, but the woofers were muted, so they are not part of the results. The plot does roll off early from what I believe the Oris can do due to the crossover.

The objective was simply to compare the results of the back chamber open vs. cover installed.

Soon, I hope to take the horn outside and take a full spectrum sweep to see what it can really do.

This is what I was able to achieve in my room. I have a Klipsch RSW-15 (passive) subwoofer from 20-60Hz, a ported, double 15" bass bin from 60-153Hz and the Oris from 153Hz-20kHz.

This plot is raw, unsmoothed and of course shows quite a bit of room interference. However, this is the best plot I have seen in my room with any of my setups. I also use Audyssey Pro to calibrate the entire speaker array. However, this plot was taken prior to Audyssey Pro calibration and without any EQ. I only completed set up last night, and so far this setup sounds fantastic.


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